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Real Play 21/03/2018
World Book Day Celebrations 09/03/2018
Foundation Maths Presentation February 26th 2018 27/02/2018
London 2017 15/12/2017
Home Page Photos 19/09/2017
Dartmoor 2017 14/07/2017
Beauty & the Beast 13/07/2017
Foundation Nativity 09/12/2016
Dicey Game 22/11/2016
Able Writers 06/10/2016
coffee time cafe 12/10/2015
Roald Dahl Day 2014 30/09/2014
School Fete 15/07/2014
Edith's Wartime Scrapbook 17/07/2013
Bowhill Cob Oven 08/07/2013
Ceramics & the Ancient GreeksAs part of our studies of Ancient Greece, we have looked closely at the pots they used in their daily life. We also looked at contemporary ceramics, both examples of pieces that have a function(use) as well as those that are purely attractive to look at. We then used some of these ideas to influence our designs for our own containers. We then made our containers, biscuit fired them, glazed them 27/06/2013
PointillismIn their art lessons this summer term the children of 4/1 have been looking at the paintings of Georges Seurat and other artists who developed the technique of pointillism. This is when small distinct dots of pure colour are applied in patterns to form an image. The children then had a go themselves and these pictures are the results. 01/05/2013
Traditional StoriesCombining art (portraying relationships), literacy (traditional stories), and ICT (changing text font) to create these pieces of work, using water colours and oil pastels. 22/03/2013
Year 5 Ceramics 2013 19/03/2013
Self-Portraits by Mr Smout's Class 18/03/2013
Van Gogh's Sunflowers 18/03/2013
Changing Colours in AutumnChanging Colours in Autumn 07/02/2013
New BuildingThe beginning of the rebuilding of the canteen began with the destruction of the old building 24/11/2012